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  • ‘Golden Turtle 2013 – Revised version for Cello’ was just performed at De Montfort’s Gallery. What a pleasure and honour!
  • For on-going work on my PhD portfolio please drop me a line.

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Please find below a collection of compositions from the last few years.   For Your Safety Quick test of some new synth VSTs in my collection combined wth field recordings from London (2016), Barcelona (2017) and Sevilla (2016).     Golden Turtle 2013 – Revised version for Cello Revised version of the original composition ‘Golden …

Audio-Visual Works

Below you can find a collection of audio-visual works I have worked on, together with other great artists. Hope you enjoy!   Golden Turtle Video: Patricia Routh, composition: Susanne Grunewald, Cello: Audrey Riley 1+1=5 video: Patricia Routh, composition: Susanne Grunewald This composition features granular synthesis as composition technique and Wouter Penris as voice talent. The …