A collection of works I have composed over the years can be found on my SoundCloud account or on Vimeo. Interested listeners can also find the complete works including some lines of explanation below.

Today – Credits

Music for the credits of the short movie ‘Today’ by James Mackay.


A Soldier’s Lair – Fighting Scene

Music excerpt from the short movie ‘A Soldier’s Lair’ by Michael McDonagh (‘Fighting Scene’).



This composition features granular synthesis as composition technique and Wouter Penris as voice talent. The idea is based on the buddhist concept of ‘1+1=1’.
Patricia Routh has designed an awesome video for the music. It can be found on her vimeo page.


Composition about memory and its degredation over time; with reference to my Vietnam visits.

Golden Turtle 2013 (Live Concert)

‘Golden Turtle 2013’ is the third piece of the trilogy written for the Duong Dai Festival, Saigon 2013.


Golden Turtle 2012

‘Golden Turtle 2012’ was conceived as a contemporary music composition for small orchestra and electronics. This exceprt here is the electronics version only.



This live recording is an excerpt of the intro of ‘Turtle’, a composition conceived for the Duong Dai Festival, a contemporary music festival in Saigon, Vietnam. Its worldpremiere was December, 4th 2011. It has become the first one in a trilogy of Turtle compositions.


A Vietnamese poem

Reinterpreting Vietnamese tradition: the featured Vietnamese poem speaks about death and the departure of the soul from the body. It has been performed in the singing style of Northern Vietnam and read by the father of a dear Vietnamese musician colleague. The music has been composed during my first stay in Vietnam in 2009.



Jessica was a Portuguese participant of the project ‘Under Construction’ in Lisbon, 2008. The event supported youngsters from Portual and The Netherlands becoming more aware of democratic processes through the creation og music and short clips. The song was conceived from an interview between Jose and Jessica, talking about her preferemcens and likes in school.


Beauty is the Promise of Happiness

An early composition for a module while studying sound design and composition at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Hilversum, The Netherlands. The music was written for the video of the same title.