Buddhism In Vietnam

Sounds around the World Series

Today I want to give a brief overview of the two main Buddhist schools in Vietnam. Because of  its history, the country knows two main directions: Mahayana and Theravada. Several smaller sects of Buddhism can be found, too.… Read the rest

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Caodaism In Vietnam

Sounds around the World Series

Another very interesting and colourful religion with its seat in the south of Vietnam is the Caodaism believe (Cao Đài). Founded in 1926 in Tây Ninh (approx. 60 km north west of Ho Chi Minh City) the relatively young religion was recognised and allowed by the Vietnamese government only in 1997.… Read the rest

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Vietnam’s Four Magical Animals

Sounds around the World Series

I had almost given up of finding some of my older blog posts which I lost after changing the provider, but ‘luck’ is on my side. 🙂
Tonight I was able to retrieve a few older posts from my travels in Vietnam.… Read the rest

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Connector Cable for Stereo Microphones

DIY—Audio Series

In my last post I wrote a little about the different connectors and wirings for audio cables. Today I want to share another type of cable I  soldered for myself recently: a y-splitter which divides a stereo audio signal from a (stereo) microphone so I can recored it with an audio interface or field recorder.… Read the rest

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Connectors for Audio

DIY—Audio Series

Being able to customise audio cable is vital for field recordists or techs in a studio environment. If you don’t like soldering or manipulating cables no worries, I am sure you quickly start getting hung up on it just as I did.… Read the rest

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DIY—Audio Series

Inspired by Diego Stocco‘s stethoscope microphone, I bought myself a stethoscope and a couple of electronic parts and built one on my own.

List of Parts

  • stethoscope
  • 1x male XLR plug
    [Alternatively any other connector able to ‘carry’ phantom power from the recording device to the condenser microphones can be used.]
  • 2x 6mm (omnidirectional) condenser microphone elements
  • audio cable
  • short piece of thin, two wire cable
  • heatshrink




Prepare the audio cable on each of its ends by stripping off a short part of the protection around the wires, leaving the bare copper of the positive and negatire wire free, while cutting off the wire of the ground/shield.… Read the rest

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DIY Pick-ups from Piezo Disks

DIY—Audio Series

Here is a quick and easy construction plan for pick-ups made from piezo buzzers or disks.

Piezo disks can be optained as single disks in various shapes and sizes or can be taken out of buzzers for example. Both piezo elements can either be acquired at electronic stores or possibly stripped out of older electronics such as old, sound producing toys or door buzzers.… Read the rest

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