About the Author

I am Suz, a sound designer, composer, the author of everything appearing on suzannesoundcreations.com and—in what almost feels like a former life—a conservatory trained musician.

Currently I live in the UK, where I work as a technical instructor audio at the De Montfort University, Leicester, where I also work as a part-time lecturer.


As a sound designer I am always on the outlook for ways to produce creative sounding audio—sounds, which are not necessarily found in every day life.

In the area of recording I specialise in field recordings (e.g. ambience, nature recordings and general sound libraries) and foley, while my PhD thesis focuses on adapting acousmatic (i.e. sound-based) music composition techniques for entertainment science fiction film.


On my blog I document my insights in

  • programing in supercollider and processing to manipulate sound and sound with image,
  • the construction of DIY electronics for sound recording,
  • field recording trips,
  • equipment reviews,
  • sound design books and many more topics related to the
  • production of ‘creative sound design’.

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