After changing the provider, all entries on this web site are under re-construction.

The blog Suzanne—SoundCreations will resume sharing thoughts, ideas and insights about…

  • Programming code for sound and sound related to visuals (languages: supercollider and processing),
  • The construction of DIY electronics for sound and music recording,
  • Field recording,
  • Composing and
  • Processing of audio recordings.

Additionally a collection of portfolio works will be posted soon. New to the original blog will be entries related to ‘pecularities of doing research’.


I hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to drop me a line!
sound (at) suzannesoundcreations (dot) com


Inspired by Diego Stocco‘s stethoscope microphone, I bought myself a stethoscope and a couple of electronic parts and built one on my own. List of Parts stethoscope 1x male XLR plug [Alternatively any other connector able to ‘carry’ phantom power from the recording device to the condenser microphones can be used.] 2x 6mm (omnidirectional) condenser …

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DIY Pick-ups from Piezo Disks

Here is a quick and easy construction plan for pick-ups made from piezo buzzers or disks. Piezo disks can be optained as single disks in various shapes and sizes or can be taken out of buzzers for example. Both piezo elements can either be acquired at electronic stores or possibly stripped out of older electronics …

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