Welcome to SoundCreations


This is my personal web site, where I keep a collection of portfolio pieces, sound recordings and my blog.


I will be writing about everything I have and will come across in my role as a technical instructor audio and in my PhD research. Hence in my blog postes you will find thoughts, ideas and insights about…
recording and processing sound,
composing music and
• recording experience (studio and field).


Some posts and pages might also be interesting for those who would like to know when, how and why I recorded the most popular recordings published on my Freesound.org account. But of course, feel free to roam about my work on SoundCloud, Vimeo or Freesound.org directly!


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Unfortunately, after changing the provider, all blog entries are under re-construction. So I ask for some patience until I will be able to recover the most important entries.
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I hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to get in touch!