Creative Music and Sound Design

Thoughts, ideas, insights and help with…

…recording, mixing and composing music and sounds.

  • field recording
  • studio recording
  • processing audio/midi
  • mixing
  • composing music and/or sound
  • electronic music
  • music technology

All topics are approached with a background in music and how to use technology in a creative and musical way to compose beautiful sounds and music.

The aim is  take away any barrier fear of technology could pose for an aspiring sound designer, composer or producer. If you would like to know more about music technology or electronic music produciton, you are at the right place!

My preferred DAWs are Nuendo/Cubase, Pro Tools and Reaper, but I also help with Logic, Reason and Ableton.

I leave free sound recordings of cool places or objects on freesound. Ambiance recordings of places I have been to are too long to be posted there, so do get in touch if you are interested in exchanging some field recodings!

Get in touch if you have questions about above mentioned topics or want to collaborate. Alternatively check out my portfolio or social media sites.

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